Fix and Flip Loan Program Our fix and flip loans are for real estate investors and rehabbers looking to purchase property to sell within one year.

Mortgage Vintage, Inc. is a direct hard money lender that originates and funds business purpose loans for real estate investors and business owners.  All Mortgage Vintage loans must be secured by California real estate.

Loan Amounts:$50K – $2.5M+
Interest Rate:From 8.99%  (<= 75%LTV) – No rehab Financing

From 10.99% (<=80% LTV) – Up to 80% Rehab Financing

Loan Term:12 Month Term – Interest Only Payments
Lender Origination Points:2+ points plus Underwriting & Valuation
Property Valuation:Broker Price Opinion on Purchase Price – Appraisal on Loan to Cost
Underwriting:Equity Driven – Bank Statements – No Tax Returns Required (other docs will apply)
Loan-to-Value:Up to 80% of Purchase Price
Rehab Budget Financing:Up to 80% of rehab budget depending on the LTV, experience level and financials of the Rehabber
Guaranteed Interest:3 months
Funds Control:Funds control required on rehab funds
Timeline to Fund:Typically 3-7 days

This program is designed for active rehabbers in California with a track record of acquiring distressed properties, fixing them and selling them profitably within 12 months. The property improvements need to be manageable to insure the rehab costs are predictable and within the capability of the rehabber.

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