Are you a Smart Investor?

Smart Investors want and need an investment that provides capital preservation, a solid return and relatively low risk.

Smart investors today realize that the old way to diversify among different segments within the “Stocks, Bonds, and Cash” portfolio is not good enough anymore.

Smart Investors want:

  • full transparency and efficient low cost processes
  • timely and accurate reporting with low fees
  • an investment that is non-correlated to the same risks associated with Stocks and Bonds
  • to trust investment advisors that know their specialty
  • to find uncommon value with reduced risks.

At Mortgage Vintage, Inc., we work hard to satisfy the Smart Investor.
Our simple motto is “We would lend if you would lend.”

We have worked our entire careers on Smart Lending and want to share our success and high yield returns opportunity with you. Having personally and professionally invested in numerous properties, projects, stocks, mutual funds and bonds, we have found trust deeds to be among the best and most consistent performers.   At Mortgage Vintage, Inc., we take the extra time and effort to ensure our loans are smartly underwritten and well-secured so our clients can relax, sleep like a baby and feel safe and smart. Portfolio allocation is an important decision that should be based on simple objective criteria and your own personal preferences.

Our investment plan begins with the discipline to abide by a strict investment philosophy, which emphasizes our value-oriented approach and disdain for capital loss. We are committed to building long term partnerships with our investor clients, through open communication and a shared interest in our mutual success.

Our aim is to provide exceptional service with every investment opportunity. The Company’s goal is to reduce investor’s time commitment and involvement for these investments and to provide a service that benefits the borrower, investor, broker and the Company. It’s the way we do business.

We look forward to sharing this smart investing and smart lending experience with you.

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