Kristi C. and I were discussing note investment and our positive view of FCI and Mortgage Vintage.  I thought I would tell you myself how pleased I am with your excellent management and reporting.  I am even more pleased that I don’t need to do the collections and foreclosures.

Patty R

10 great years of 10% average returns. Sandy and Mayumi and Justine are always timely and accurate with all services related to my fractional investments. Thank you for the great work.

David W

I’ve been investing with Sandy for about 5 years now and have been very pleased with he and his staff’s service and attention. I’m not one to make referrals when money is involved, but I have referred several folks to Mortgage Vintage as both investors and lenders.

Phil D

I have worked with Sandy for many years. I trust Sandy and his deals have generated great returns particularly in today’s environment of ultra-low yields. What Sandy also brings to the table is he knows what deals to STAY AWAY from. This is unique and hard to find.

F Yang

I have done numerous loans with Sandy at Mortgage Vintage.  Every one has paid in full as scheduled.  I am very happy with my trust deed investments as an alternative to the stock and bond markets.  Sandy and Karen are very organized and make each transaction easy from initial funding to monthly interest payments to final payoff.  I highly recommend them to anyone interested in trust deed investing.

Tim S

“I am a very experienced Trust Deed investor and have worked with many of the top Private Money Lenders in California.  I invested in a 1st Trust Deed with Mortgage Vintage, Inc. and was impressed with their fast and professional service.  We seamlessly worked through the investment process, the Trust Deed performed as scheduled and we received a healthy return from the secured investment.  I would recommend Sandy and his team to anyone looking to purchase high quality California Trust Deeds.”

R. Beard,
Investor Newport Beach

“I am an experienced Trust Deed Investor and maintain a Trust Deed Portfolio through Mortgage Vintage, Inc. Recently, we encountered a problem loan. The borrower had committed fraud during the application, and stopped making payments. Mortgage Vintage, Inc. expertly managed the entire default process including: Capital calls, frivolous litigation by the borrower, the foreclosure process, bankruptcy by the borrower, Trustee Sale, Rehab and sale of the property. Mortgage Vintage, Inc. kept the investors informed during this drawn out process and ultimately provided us with an annual yield of greater than 10%. Mortgage Vintage, Inc. did an excellent job working with a tough situation and I am sure will learn from this experience. This Trust Deed default process proved to me the value of protective equity, and the sound principals of Trust Deed Investing. It also may pay big dividends to keep a little power dry for rehabbing the properties if necessary and not to count on every TD investment paying monthly like clockwork”
R. Smith
Real Estate Investor, Newport Beach, CA

“We decided that we wanted to diversify and invest in our own Trust Deed portfolio. Similar to being able to pick individual stocks, we wanted to be able to select the real estate that we lend on rather than investing in a blind pool. I heard about Mortgage Vintage, Inc. through a friend and have now invested in a number of 1st and 2nd Trust Deeds. Recently a few of our Trust Deeds paid off and we are looking to reinvest this original capital and invest additional capital into new Trust Deeds given the excellent performance of the portfolio thus far. Maintaining a Trust Deed portfolio has provided us with a consistent and secured income while delivering diversification and liquidity. We are extremely satisfied with Mortgage Vintage, Inc. as our Trust Deed portfolio provider.”
T. Strader Jr.
Real Estate Consultant and Investor

“I am retired and my Trust Deed income helps to improve my lifestyle.  I enjoy the monthly income, not having to deal with the intricacies of the property itself and the security I get with a Trust Deed investment.  Knowing that I have an acceptable loan to value on California Real Estate helps me sleep better at night.”

I. Goldberg, Orange County, CA – Real Estate Investor

“Trust Deed income, while not as predictable as Bond income, provides a better risk adjusted return than Bond Investments.”

B. Smith, Orange County, CA –  Trust Deed Investor

Predictable 9-10% Cash Flow Without Principal Risk?

As a retiree (former IBM executive, 30 years) , I have prospered with 1st Trust Deeds when looking for investment cash flow that is predictable with low level of risk for my principal. Bonds, CDs, Dividend Stock investments etc all have a place in a diversified portfolio, but none have the combination of high ROI and low principal risk of a 1st Trust Deed.

CDs have no principal risk, but the ROI is around 1.6% for 5 year commitment. Tax Free Muni Bonds have an ROI of around 3%, but your principal is at significant risk if interest rates rise. Higher Dividend paying stocks have a yield of anywhere from 4-11%, but your principal is at even greater risk with market, economic and global volatility.

1st Trust Deeds have a higher ROI of 9-10% with terms of 1-3 years, and very low principal risk.
ROI is high because:
1) The typical borrower selected usually has a good FICO score of 650+ and above, have jobs and income, with good asset net worth but could not qualify for a loan with traditional lenders because of much stricter loan underwriting guidelines due to the 2008 fiscal crisis and aftermath.
Principal risk is low because:
2) Your investment principal is collateralized against real estate property where your Trust Deed investment  is 60% or less of the appraised market value of the property. This means there is plenty of “equity coverage” protection i.e. the property would have to go down in value by 40% (and even then with trustee sales you have easy exit with principal intact).

Mortgage Vintage has the expertise and track record providing the due diligence required on items #1 and #2 above and beyond, giving me trust and confidence to earn 10% returns over the last 4 years. I endorse and value their knowledgeable leadership team and financially compliant operation.

C. Melillo

I retired from a career managing a large commercial real estate portfolio for a Fortune 50 company and was looking for a source of dependable income with higher returns and greater safety than Wall Street’s income opportunities.  I was referred to Mortgage Vintage, Inc. and am very pleased to have invested in a number of Trust Deed Investments through Sandy.  I enjoy the transparency of fractionalized California Trust Deeds and the equity protection.  Principal protection is key for me as I want to stay retired and can’t afford a hit to principal. Trust Deeds are backed by an actual asset you can drive by and evaluate.  I feel very secure with Trust Deeds originated by Mortgage Vintage, Inc. and the 10% current income allows me to fully enjoy my retirement.  The monthly smart passive income provides resources to travel, water ski, and contribute to philanthropic efforts.
S. Barker
Real Estate Investor

I’ve worked in Commercial Real Estate and sold over $5 Billion of Commercial Property over the last 30 years. Mortgage Vintage, Inc. had the expertise I was looking for and provided a very smooth, efficient and safe way to invest in Trust Deeds. Mortgage Vintage, Inc., with their investor system and online document library, gave me comfort to invest. I had a good investing experience and now get a 10% yield on a very secure California Trust Deed deposited into my checking account every month. I’m looking forward to the next deal with Mortgage Vintage, Inc.
R. Smith
Real Estate Investor
Orange County, CA

We are Real Estate Investors and have used Mortgage Vintage, Inc. financing to successfully purchase a number of houses that we rent out. Mortgage Vintage, Inc. pre-approved us quickly and performed exactly as they had indicated. Working with Banks holding REO’s required us to move swiftly to fund. Mortgage Vintage, Inc. worked diligently with ourselves as the borrowers, the Realtor, Bank, Escrow and Title companies to handle all issues that arose and execute the transaction on time. We now have a number of successful Residential Single Family Home investments thanks to Mortgage Vintage, Inc.
R. Palm and T. Tong
Southern California Real Estate Investors

After the 2008 Stock Market debacle and Flash Crash in 2010 I took my retirement and IRA money out of the Stock Market and set up a Self Directed IRA. Similar to how I used to have Stocks and Bonds in the Stock Market, I decided to invest in Single Family Homes and in Trust Deed Investments. I am placing my money on the equity side of Real Estate actually buying and holding rental properties and am also placing money on the debt side of Real Estate with the purchase of Trust Deed Investments. My Trust Deed Investments pay monthly, earn a nice double digit return and carry plenty of equity protection. I feel healthier and sleep better at night with these secured investments that are transparent and easy to understand. I feel much better about my financial future and ability to retire with the income I need with my new diversification and investment strategy.
M. Slater
California Real Estate Investor