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Where can you find a decent income producing investment these days?
Everybody wants a safe place to save and grow your investment portfolio and nest egg. Investors we work with want to have a solid high yield return on their money without having too much risk. They want safety of their principal and a secure, compliant, transparent and efficient investment operation.

Typically low risk income producing investments like Certificate of Deposits (CD’s) average .4% per year as of Sept. 2012 according to That’s down from 2.4% in 2008 and 3.75% in 2007. Yields on other short-term investments also are at rock-bottom levels. The annualized yield on money market mutual funds is 0.04%, one-tenth the level of one-year bank CD’s.

Treasury bonds aren’t much better. The yield on a 10 year Treasury note currently hovers at a measly 2%, a modern era low. With inflation running at 2-3%, an investment in these traditional income investments would lose ground to inflation! Where can an investor get yield these days?

For a little more risk and potentially reward investors can also gamble in the stock market with daily roller-coaster rides and companies and countries saddled with accounting scandals, oil price fears, economic unrest and greed. Even traditional dividend paying stocks that provide some income have been rocked by volatility and huge losses.

Some choices! Whatever happened to minimal risk and solid returns? Well, the concept and opportunity has not gone away, it has just gone away from Wall Street!

Show Me The Way to Monthly Income and Solid High Yields

There IS a better way to Invest for income and return and it is called Trust Deed Investing. Most people who are buying Trust Deed Investments are keeping it “hush-hush”. You won’t hear about Trust Deed Investing from anyone on Wall Street because these investments don’t pad their pockets, they pad yours!

You can learn about Trust Deed Investing by downloading the “White Paper – Secured California Trust Deed Investments” directly from this site. You will learn, in simple English and terms how to earn a secured double digit return on your hard earned cash.

Specifically, the “White Paper – Secured California Trust Deed Investments” will reveal to you jewels of practical knowledge that will help you earn monthly income and retire a wealthier person. Or if you are retired and need more yield, you will learn how to increase your cash flow in these tough economic times with secured investments. Some of the topics in the “White Paper – Secured California Trust Deed Investments” include:

  • What Is Trust Deed Investing
  • Case Study of a successful Trust Deed Investment
  • Loan Servicing
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Trust Deed Investing vs. Buying Real Estate
  • What Can Go Wrong and What are the Consequences
  • Market Conditions in California as of 2011
  • Difference between 1st and 2nd Trust Deeds

A great advantage to these Trust Deed Investments is that they are available from multiple private money lending sources. While the producers of this White Paper are committed to providing you with the best possible Trust Deed Investments possible and would like to work with you, the option is yours to source your own lender and Trust Deed provider.

Yield Hunters Have Found a Home: Trust Deed Investments

In a nutshell, Trust Deed Investments provide a secured and generous, double-digit return on your investment while keeping your risk relatively low because each loan is secured by a specific piece of property. These properties are used as collateral to provide a kind of guarantee on the loan. For example if the property is worth $100,000 the loan might be $60,000 which is what is called a 60% loan to value (LTV)and the investor has $40,000 of equity protection in their principal should the borrower default. In the meantime, your investment would earn anywhere from 9% to 10.50% annualized income paid on a monthly basis.

Your investment is not only secured by “real property” but you can sleep at night knowing that the loan amount is only for 60-65% of the market value of the home! Try that sense of security and stability in the stock market! I don’t think so. It doesn’t really matter who you know…if a particular stock is selling for $100 you can’t buy it for less than $100! Yet your investment gets $100,000 worth of value for only $60,000 or less every day of the week.

Secured Loans Are No Longer Just For Banks

You to can participate in the comfort and return of a real property secured loan.

Even banks in their shell shocked state are still lending on properties. What did they do to reduce risk? They raised the equity requirements of their borrowers. Borrowers at Banks are typically required to put down 20% down payment now vs. their previous down payments of 5% or less in the bubble times of 2002-2007. These Trust Deed investments require 35% to 40% down payments which is twice as much as the Banks require. You benefit from that additional down payment security and you get a whopping double digit return on your money!

The great news is that anybody can invest the very same way banks do, by collateralizing their loan with real property, and many wealthy people who desire income and a steady safe yield are already doing it.

Why Doesn’t Wall Street Talk About This Opportunity?

Why are Trust Deeds better than the Stock Market and Bond Market? We don’t suggest that Trust Deed Investments are “better” than typical Wall St. instruments. We merely are stating that to be truly diversified, a good portfolio should include stocks, bonds, equity in real estate and debt in real estate (Trust Deeds). You won’t hear about Trust Deeds from your investment advisor because your advisor won’t make a fat commission from this kind of non-correlated to the Stock Market alternative investment. These stock brokers want you to focus only on investments that make THEM the most money…not the ones that make YOU money.

The problem is that Wall St. instruments are simply not performing and carry significant risk of capital loss. If you had invested $100 in the Standard &Poors(S&P) Index Fund in the year 2000, your investment of $100 would have been worth $100 in 2010. A 0% return for those 10 years. This kind of return is unacceptable in real terms and is especially horrid since the investment carries incredible volatility and risk of loss.

An investment of $100 in a 10% yielding Trust Deed during that same 10 year period with reinvestmentswould be worth $236 without the associated risk. Trust Deeds inherently have significant protection against a capital loss, called the equity cushion, and hence offer greater security than volatile stocks, bonds and mutual funds.


Learn About What You’ve Been Missing!

Read all of the information this website provides onnew Trust Deed Investments that can potentially earn you a large amount of money, WITH safety. Earn a monthly income. Earn a solid yield. Yes. It is all possible today!

Who Are We, And How Do We Know About These Investments?

Sandy-2011-ProfileMortgage Vintage, Inc. connects people who want to invest money secured by Real Estate with people who want to borrow money. Specifically we’re a private equity finance company placing private investment capital into well secured and well underwritten trust deed investments. Our mission is to provide the highest quality trust deed investment opportunities with first class service and communication. We offer individual and fractional trust deed investments throughout California.

We invite you to discover what you may have been missing and how to quickly grow your investment portfolio. Browse this site and see the kinds of excellent investment opportunities that truly diversified investors have found and invested in.

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