Foreign National Loan Program:

Foreign National hard money loan programs help non-U.S. Citizens purchase and/or refinance property when traditional lenders wont. These loans are the lending solution for individuals who live outside the U.S. but would still like to invest in real estate. Our foreign national loan programs allow foreign investors to purchase or refinance California investment real estate quickly with minimum documentation.

Lending Criteria & Guidelines:

  • Loan Amounts: $100,000 – $2,500,000+
  • Property Type: Residential – Commercial – Multi-Family – Mixed Use
  • Loan Type: Business Purpose Purchase or Refinance – 1st and 2nd Trust Deeds OK!
  • Loan-to-Value: Up to 65% LTV/ 60% CLTV
  • Terms: 1 to 4 years with Balloon – Interest Only Payments (amortization available)
  • Occupancy: Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied
  • Underwriting: No proof of income, No FICO, no Social Security Number – IRS ITIN Required
  • Property Valuation: BPO (Broker Price Opinion) required; Appraisal in some cases
  • Interest Rates: 1sts from 9.99% – 2nds from 12.50%*
  • Points & Fees: 2+ Points plus Underwriting & Valuation of $2,995+
  • Citizenship: Passport or Consulate ID Required
  • Social Security: IRS ITIN Required
  • Broker Protection: Broker Friendly – We pay Commissions!
  • “Yes, We Can!”: Low FICO – BK – NOD – Foreign National – Self Employed


Why Mortgage Vintage, Inc.?

Mortgage Vintage, Inc. is a direct hard money lender that originates and funds business purpose loans for real estate investors and business owners.  All Mortgage Vintage loans must be secured by California real estate. We provide:

  • Same Day Term Sheets – Professional Service
  • Easy Loan Submission, Quick Turnaround, 7 Day Fundings
  • Fast, Flexible and Transparent Loan Process
  • Over 30 years Financial Industry Experience
  • Funding Based on Committed Terms
  • Surety of funding through CrowdTrustDeed’s simple and secure online marketplace
  • Se Habla Español


Sandy MacDougall – (949) 632-6145 – [email protected]