Transformative Fix and Flip with ADU in Santa Ana Success Story

  • $269,500 1st Trust Deed
  • 70.00% LTV on BPO Value
  • 9.75% Annualized Return
  • 12-month – Fix and Flip Loan
  • MVI funds loan in 5 business days

The Subject:

  • Address:  1925 S. Orange Ave, Santa Ana, CA
  • Type:  Single Family Residence
  • Layout:  2 BR/1 BA
  • Condition:  Neglected and Dated

The Scenario:

  • Large Lot not utilized for maximum value
  • 2BR/1BA in 797sq ft on a 7,770 sq ft lot
  • This property is in a gentrified area

The Solution:

  • MVI provided an 70.00% LTV 1st TD for a contractor who is a repeat borrower
  • Contractor to upgrade property to 4 BR, 3 BA home with an ADU with 1 BR/1BA JADU in 3,000 total sq ft
  • Fast close was provided in 5 business days so demolition and construction could begin
  • With MVI funds secured, the borrower went to work and transformed the property
  • Fast Funding Based on Committed Terms with Funds Control in place

The Numbers:

  • As is Appraised Value: $385,000
  • Sold 7 months later for $875,000


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