Long Beach Hard Money Loans

Mortgage Vintage provides fast, friendly, and professional service to those seeking Hard Money loans in the Long Beach  and surrounding areas. We live and work in this city and understand the unique Hard Money lending requirements. Whether it be bridge loans, fix-and-flips, business purpose cash-outs, or even ADU loans, Mortgage Vintage is here to help.


Long Beach City is located on the beautiful Pacific Ocean and is the seventh largest city in California with just under half a million residents. The City is centrally situated in-between Los Angeles and Orange Counties. With its near immaculate climate, strategic location, and abundance of cultural and educational institutions, Long Beach is one of the finest cities to live, work, and play in Southern California.

The city is home to the Port of Long Beach, and just miles down the coast from the Port of Los Angeles, which combined handles approximately 40% of the aquatic trade for the Western United States. Long Beach has been named for being one of the most business friendly cities in Los Angeles County. In this city resides a multitude of business sectors including manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, and many more. Looking at Long Beach as a whole provides borrowers a look into the vast and unique market for both residential and commercial real estate.

Long Beach is a large city with small town vibes broken up into eighteen diverse districts, which provide numerous architectural styles for single and multifamily residences. As cost of living and cost of rent increases throughout Southern California, Mortgage Vintage has stepped up to provide our clients with industry leading additional dwelling loans to maximize their property and contribute to the ever-growing housing shortage. Whether it is their single-family Spanish Colonial Style or their multifamily duplex or townhomes, Mortgage Vintage has our clients covered. Our unique and comprehensive ADU loan program allows the borrower the freedom to purchase and refinance for additional dwelling unit construction on their property.

Homes in Long Beach date back to the early to mid 1900’s, making Mortgage Vintage’s fix and flip loan program extremely popular with clients that would like to take an old eye sore of a home and creating a more modern accommodation to fit in the continuingly changing expectations and requirements for new residents of Long Beach. Mortgage Vintage’s fix and flip loans help keep borrowers stay above water while juggling their capital, renovation costs and purchase prices. Allowing borrowers to work their magic and create a residence to sell profitably within 12 months.

Commercial and small businesses in the City of Long Beach need to worry no more when looking to make strategic ventures, build and create new research and development, or grow their business as a whole. With Mortgage Vintage’s industry leading line up of hard money loans we offer peace of mind to businesses that may have a unique situation when growing their business. Our business purpose cash out loan program gives businesses the ability to take on new projects, strategic acquisitions, and grow their business by drawing equity from a subject property for their unique business purposes.

Mortgage Vintage offers a wide array of hard money loan programs for real estate investors and business owners alike. Please visit our Hard Money Loan Program Page here.

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