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Mortgage Vintage is a Fast and Professional Hard Money Lender that serves all of California, but a large portion of our business resides in Los Angeles County. We live and work in this county and understand the unique hard money lending requirements in this community. We offer extremely competitive rates and can fund loans on very tight timelines; sometimes, we fund loans in less than a week.


Whether you’re a borrower searching for a hard money loan in Los Angeles, or you’re an investor looking for a secured investment opportunity with a high rate of return, the team at Mortgage Vintage provides fast, friendly, and professional service. With over 250 Los Angeles loans funded alone, we work tirelessly to structure solid loans for our borrowers, as well as to secure trust deeds for our investors. We frequently work with borrowers who are seeking bridge loans, fix-and-flips, as well as business purpose cash-out 1st and 2nd mortgages.

Having an office in Hollywood also helps us to be extremely competitive on loan offerings in Los Angeles County, as we can visit the relevant properties at a moment’s notice. We understand values, neighborhood nuances, the many tremendous benefits of Los Angeles real estate, and the opportunities presented daily. Our boutique strategies to fund unique loans, due to our crowdfunding capabilities, separate us from rigid institutional lenders.

Mortgage Vintage benefits our Hispanic borrowers in that we speak fluent Spanish and can communicate with them in their native language. Our company President, Sandy MacDougall, spent three years in Mexico City, immersed in the culture. Becoming a fluent Spanish speaker has proved to be invaluable in providing many of our loans to Greater Los Angeles residents. We understand that Hispanic borrowers sometimes need to qualify for a loan based on stated income. We also understand and work with Hispanic borrowers on their fix-and-flip and fix-and-rent investment property purchases. These loans help our borrowers purchase the property and use their skills to improve it, then either sell it or obtain conventional refinancing once the improvements have been made.

If you are looking for a fast and professional Hard Money lender in Los Angeles, give Michael Veal a call today at +1 (323) 797-0001 or fill out the “Contact Us” form below.