Since inception, Mortgage Vintage has worked to improve the Trust Deed Investment research, acquisition, closing and funding experience. In our continuing effort to enhance and provide a better Trust Deed investment experience, Mortgage Vintage and Sandy have now started CrowdTrustDeed.  Mortgage Vintage will continue to originate the finest California Trust Deeds and will be the first Sponsor (Broker/Lender) to sell these Trust Deed investments on the CrowdTrustDeed Marketplace.  Mortgage Vintage and other vetted Sponsors will provide new or existing loans needing funding and CrowdTrustDeed will offer an online real-time collaborative marketplace that will increase yield, save a lenders time and provide valuable transparency and communication during the Trust Deed selection and buying process. Simply stated, CrowdTrustDeed offers the simplest, most efficient way to Invest in an increasing inventory of California Trust Deeds.

Traditional hard money lending and trust deed investing must evolve to promote the everyday convenience that borrowers and lenders have come to expect.  Mortgage Vintage and CrowdTrustDeed will continue to provide a very personalized and customized service that utilizes Investor preferences while maintaining up to the minute deal status and availability 24/7 on your favorite PC or mobile device.

We have many exciting new Southern California Trust Deed Opportunities ranging from 9.50% to 11.50% for our CrowdTrustDeed launch that you won’t want to miss!


Please register @ Once approved as an Investor/Lender, please click on the Invest Tab to review the Available Trust Deed Opportunities and Pledge Online.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to your feedback.