Borrower Reviews

9/21/18 – Ted D. from Costa Mesa writes:

“I had an opportunity to buy a new residence in Costa Mesa but still owned my primary residence in Huntington Beach.  Initially I thought that I needed a hard money loan to purchase the property, but, after consulting with Sandy at Mortgage Vintage I learned that a Bridge Loan was the best way to make this purchase happen.  Sandy and the MVI team helped me to close quickly which made the seller and Realtor very happy.  I’ve since sold my HB home and paid off the Mortgage Vintage Bridge Loan.  Perfectly smooth and seamless transaction… thank you Sandy and MVI!

Ted, thanks for the opportunity to work you.  Bridge Loans are a perfect solution for someone in your scenario – we’re very happy that we could help you accomplish the goal of purchasing your new primary residence in Costa Mesa.

Sandy MacDougall

06/2023 – Vicky

“Great! Thank you all for your help over the years. I appreciate your flexibility working with me in different situations, your creative problem solving, and your professionalism. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know.”

07/2020 – Sanjay G.

“Thank you Sandy. I appreciate you getting this loan funded so quickly.”

9/14/18 – Mike M., Contractor and Real Estate Investor writes:

“Thanks for all your efforts in bringing this to a close. It was a pleasure dealing with you through this process.”

It’s all about teamwork Mike and you were a big part of the team on this one! Thanks for your business, looking forward to the next one.

Sandy MacDougall

8/23/18 – Joe R., Mortgage Broker from San Diego writes:

“When I am unable to help my clients with a loan, I always refer them to Mortgage Vintage!  Why?  Because they’re quick, easy to work with and more importantly, able to help the clients with their financing needs.  Thanks for all of your help.”

Joe, thank you for the opportunity to help your client with their investment property financing needs.  Looking forward to working with you again in the near future.  In the meantime, Go Steelers!

Mortgage Vintage

8/8/18 – David S., Real Estate Investor from Los Angeles writes:

“I have worked with Sandy and Karen on two loans to date. They are very fair, very professional and they get the job done. I am pleased to recommend and will refer Mortgage Vintage Inc. to my network in the future.”

David, thank you for your business and your kind words.  Always a pleasure working with you – we hope to be of further service to you in the future.

Sandy MacDougall

7/14/18 – William D., Real Estate Investor from Orange County writes:

“I highly recommend Mortgage Vintage.  If you are looking for a private money loan, look no further.  He provided excellent service, got us a great deal on a private money loan and was extremely diligent.  The team genuinely cares, there is no salesmanship or pressure, just the facts and professional service. I would give him 10-stars if I could.”

Will, it was such a pleasure working with you on your investment property loan – always great to work with borrowers that are as organized as you are?  Thank you!

-Mortgage Vintage

2/24/18 – Rich Lane, Broker – Arbor Financial Group in Orange County writes:

I have been brokering private money (hard-money) loans for about 18-years now.  The key to successfully closing these loans is having a few key lending partners that are responsive, reliable, fair and thoughtful.  I have a short-list in my partners and Mortgage Vintage and is on top. Mortgage Vintage is super-responsive when you send him a possible hard-money loan scenario, his experience has made him an expert at structuring even the toughest hard-money scenarios and his tenacity for getting a loan to close is simply second to none.  Over the years sadly I have had very pathetic experiences with other so-called hard-money lenders and nothing compares to the product/service that Mortgage Vintage offers.

One aspect in particular…. that I extremely value in Mortgage Vintage; is that they will not drag you and your loan file down a dark deep ‘rabbit-hole’ and at the end of the transaction tell you that the deal is a ‘no-go’.  This horrible dynamic is so prevalent among the inexperienced herd of hard-money lenders currently in the market-place.

My sincere review is the very least I can do for Mortgage Vintage as they have enabled so many of my client’s solutions to tough situations.  I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Mortgage Vintage into the future. -Rich Lane | Loan Broker | Arbor Financial Group

Rich, you are truly a Pro’s Pro and we value your partnership, your professionalism and your wealth of experience and insight.  Looking forward to continuing to help you and your clients with their hard money loan scenarios.

-Mortgaqe Vintage


Sahm M. from Beverly Hills writes:

“My dealings with Mortgage Vintage have been nothing but pleasant and professional. Their staff, particularly with Valerie Silva, are ALWAYS responsive to any inquiries that I have. I highly recommend them.”

Always happy to help you on your transactions Sahm.  Looking forward to working with you again soon on another hard money opportunity! 

-Sandy MacDougall

Joy B. from LA, CA writes:

“You guys are awesome! I have no complaints…”

And we have no complaints about you Joy!  It was great working with you – all the best!            

-Sandy MacDougall  

Tim K. from Los Angeles writes:

“My experience with Mortgage Vintage was thorough, professional and as expedient as possible. Much easier than with the banks. Thanks again to Sandy and his team.”

Tim, I’m glad that was your experience in working with our team – they’re a dedicated crew, for sure.  Thanks for your business and best of luck to you!!

-Sandy MacDougall

Anna Y., Crowd Trust Deed investor writes:

“Sandy is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend Mortgage Vintage, Inc. as my experience has been very positive. Sandy works hard to go through the borrower qualification process for investors. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in trust deed investing.”

Anna, we’re very happy to have you on board as one of our Trust Deed investors.  Looking forward to seeing you invest in a few of our upcoming trust deed investment opportunities. 

-Sandy MacDougall

Andrew K., Real Estate Investor & Rehabber writes:

“I had been searching for an upfront, honest and professional hard money lender and I found Sandy MacDougall at Mortgage Vintage by using a simple Internet search. He was exactly what I was looking for and more. Unlike other lenders I spoke with, Sandy was upfront about the interest rate, fees, timing, and I knew exactly what I as agreeing to. He promised that “with equity in the property, business, purpose, down payment and fair credit you will have a good chance to get the loan.

I highly recommend Sandy for private money to anyone that needs quick money, a fair interest rate, and fair underwriting fees. I have acquired two loans from Sandy and will be talking to him about a third soon!”

Hi Andrew, thanks very much for the opportunity to work with you on your investment property.  We look forward to many more!

-Sandy MacDougall

Kevin K. from Orange County writes:

“We too found Sandy to be responsive, understanding and efficient. When our development business needed a short term bridge loan to afford us the opportunity to take advantage of immediate market demands, Sandy was right there. We had looked at others and had seem promises and comments that were never met, but not so with Sandy MacDougall. Fair, efficient and reliable, could not ask for anything more.”

Kevin, it was great to work with you on your Bridge Loan.  Hope everything is working out well with the new property.  All the best…

-Sandy MacDougall

Carlo T. writes:

I cannot say enough good things about Mortgage Vintage Inc. and Sandy MacDougall. We needed a quick business purpose transaction and Mortgage Vintage Inc., was easy to communicate with, understood our needs and issues, and worked fast. It was a true pleasure of a transaction. I highly recommended them.”

Carlo, thank you for you business, and, your kind words.  It certainly helps the hard money process to work with a borrower as responsive you!  Hope your business is thriving!

-Sandy MacDougall

Business owner Hector Sanchez writes:

“We have a nice business opportunity and needed to act quickly to buy the property.  Sandy and Mortgage Vintage, Inc. met us at the property, provided good insight for us with our purchase and quickly and efficiently funded and closed a private money loan.  We are very satisfied with the services provided by Mortgage Vintage, Inc. and would recommend them to other borrowers looking for business purpose loans.”

Thank you Hector!  Very happy that we were able to provide you with the business purpose loan that you needed.  All the best… 

-Sandy MacDougall

David B., from Huntington Beach writes:

“It was great working with you. I appreciate your help in getting my deal completed in a timely manner. I’m sure another deal will present its self and we will work together again.”

Great working with you as well David.  Looking forward to another opportunity to be your private money partner down the road. 

-Sandy MacDougall

Real Estate Investor Mark Pender writes:

“Wanted everyone to know that I had a very positive experience in working with Sandy… I needed to get a loan on some vacant industrial property and he did it in record time…moreover he structured it in a way that worked well for me…”

Mark, that one was fast and furious!  Looking forward to another opportunity to be your private money partner down on one of your future endeavors.

-Sandy MacDougall

David from Orange County – writes:

“I wanted to move my wife and child to a better family neighborhood with great schools.  We found an incredible house at a bargain price.  With the help of a Mortgage Vintage, Inc. pre-approval letter, and our assurance of a short Escrow, the seller accepted our offer. My dilemma was that I needed to close quickly but had not sold my current residence.  I had a substantial down payment saved up but did not have the capital to close the purchase of the new house.  Without the time to find and secure a conventional loan I needed to find another fast and professional financing option.  I decided to look for a hard money lender and found Mortgage Vintage, Inc. and their Purchase Bridge Loan Program.  Sandy and his team delivered flawlessly on their loan commitment and we closed the purchase transaction in a week.  My child enjoys her new school and we are very happy in our neighborhood family home.”

That’s a great story Mark… and I’m very pleased that Mortgage Vintage was able to play a role in helping you reach the goal you set for your family. 

-Sandy MacDougall

R. Jackson from Inglewood, CA writes:

“I had a wonderful private money loan experience with Mortgage Vintage, Inc.  I met Sandy at my Duplex rental property and we reviewed my loan scenario.  Mortgage Vintage, Inc. (MVI) quickly determined and let me know the required due diligence material.  MVI successfully worked through some payoff issues with the title company and funded the loan 8 days after we met at the property.  Mortgage Vintage, Inc. did what they said they were going to do and delivered on their commitment.   I would recommend Sandy and his team for anyone considering a multi-unit cash out refinance loan.”

J. Hunter, Real Estate Investor from Taft, CA writes:

“We were very pleased with the private money loan services provided by Mortgage Vintage, Inc. for our multi-family property purchase.  Sandy and his team were very professional, worked with us to quickly close the transaction and took a personal interest in our success.  Mortgage Vintage, Inc. handled worked with our Wholesaler,  the realtor, and Title and Escrow to enable a smooth and efficient purchase transaction.  I would recommend Mortgage Vintage, Inc. to any real estate investor looking for a private money loan on a multi-family purchase.”