Mortgage Vintage Inc. is a direct hard money lender that provides high value financing solutions in a time-efficient manner for qualified borrowers. We’re in business to fund loans for borrowers who do not meet traditional underwriting guidelines and/or would like the benefits of a private money loan.

Our broker partners continue to utilize Mortgage Vintage as their funding partner because of our quick and professional response to both the needs of the broker and the broker’s client.  Below are a few types of borrowers that brokers bring to Mortgage Vintage to fund their hard money and private money loans:

  • REO, Trustee and Short Sale real estate investor buyers
  • Credit impaired borrowers – “Low FICO?  No problem!”
  • Real Estate Investors, LLC’s & business entities looking to acquire real estate

Mortgage Vintage employs automated tools for the entire loan transaction including:

  • Online Loan Applications and Underwriting
  • Fraud detection
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance checks
  • Industry standard document sets

These tools make the brokerage job easier and facilitate fast and professional communications.

  • If your borrower has a substantial down payment (or equity in the property), has the ability to pay the monthly mortgage and has a viable exit strategy, please keep us in mind when you run across any of the following loan scenarios:
  • Investor looking to acquire, fix and flip a property
  • Investor looking to acquire, fix and rent a property
  • Short term bridge loan until a conventional refinance can occur
  • Small commercial loans
  • Residential construction completion
  • Business Purpose Cash – Out
  • Multi-Family purchase or refinance
  • Loan required without a full Appraisal

Most importantly for a Mortgage Broker is to know that their Borrower will be well treated and that the Borrower will come back to that original Mortgage Broker for a conventional refinance. Mortgage Vintage, Inc. originates private money loans only and does not provide conventional loans.

Mortgage Vintage, Inc. provides private money loan solutions to short-term challenges and issues that property owners and business owners face from time-to-time.  Real Estate Investors are profiting every day from our loans!  Do you have a loan scenario that you’d like to discuss with us?  Call today!

Below are some resources that you can download to help you better understand the Hard Money Lending world.

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