We treat our Lender’s with respect and work hard to ensure their satisfaction.  These clients entrust us with their investments and we listen, learn and apply best practices to ensure a profitable and pleasant smart passive income experience.   Here are a few recent comments from our Lenders:

“We decided that we wanted to diversify and invest in our own Trust Deed portfolio.  Similar to being able to pick individual stocks, we wanted to be able to select the real estate that we lend on rather than investing in a blind pool.  I heard about Mortgage Vintage, Inc. through a friend and have now invested in a number of 1st and 2nd Trust Deeds. Recently a few of our Trust Deeds paid off and we are looking to reinvest this original capital and invest additional capital into new Trust Deeds given the excellent performance of the portfolio thus far. Maintaining a Trust Deed portfolio has provided us with a consistent and secured income while delivering diversification and liquidity.  We are extremely satisfied with Mortgage Vintage, Inc. as our trust deed portfolio provider.”

T. Strader Jr.

Real Estate Consultant and Investor


“I am a very experienced Trust Deed investor and have worked with many of the top Private Money Lenders in California.  I invested in a 1st Trust Deed with Mortgage Vintage, Inc. and was impressed with their fast and professional service.  We seamlessly worked through the investment process, the Trust Deed performed as scheduled and we received a healthy return from the secured investment.  I would recommend Sandy and his team to anyone looking to purchase high quality California Trust Deeds.”

R. Beard, Investor

Newport Beach


“I am an experienced Trust Deed Investor and maintain a Trust Deed Portfolio through Mortgage Vintage, Inc.  Recently, we encountered a problem loan.  The borrower had committed fraud during the application, and stopped making payments.  Mortgage Vintage, Inc. expertly managed the entire default process including: Capital calls, frivolous litigation by the borrower, the foreclosure process, bankruptcy by the borrower, the Trustee Sale and Rehab and sale of the property.  Mortgage Vintage, Inc. kept the investors informed during this drawn out process and ultimately provided us with an annual yield of greater than 10%.  Mortgage Vintage, Inc. did an excellent job working with a tough situation and I am sure will learn from this experience.  This Trust Deed default process proved to me the value of protective equity, and the sound principals of Trust Deed Investing. It also may pay big dividends to keep a little power dry for rehabbing the properties if necessary and not to count on every TD investment paying monthly like clockwork”

Bob Smith

Real Estate Investor, Newport Beach, CA


If you have a comment or feedback on any kind of experience with Mortgage Vintage, Inc., we would like to know.