How does constant process improvement make better hard money loans?

As CrowdTrustDeed enters its 4th year, I want to thank you for your continued support. When Mortgage Vintage founded and established CrowdTrustDeed on January 1, 2015, our vision was to use technology and data to help our borrowers and brokers receive a more streamlined origination process that provided more surety of funding while facilitating better Trust Deed investment decisions by our lenders and investors. That vision is now reality and strengthens our future. To date, CrowdTrustDeed’ s 475 members have invested in over $69 million worth of Trust Deed Investments and received over $11.55 million in secured, high yield current income.

Mortgage Vintage improves the borrower and broker experience for finding and closing California Hard Money Loans while CrowdTrustDeed provides a more transparent, online, real-time, fast and professional Trust Deed Investment platform. We are grateful and humbled by everything we have accomplished through our loosely coupled but tightly integrated Fintech ecosystem. Here are some 2017 corporate highlights:

  • CrowdTrustDeed celebrated its 3-year birthday in 2018 with a highly skilled and experienced in-house team coupled with an assortment of very talented, dedicated service providers
  • CrowdTrustDeed provided our investment community with 70 high quality California Trust Deeds in 2017 totaling more than $23 million in loan origination volume
  • Mortgage Vintage and CrowdTrustDeed have returned 100% of Principal to regular Trust Deed Investors across our 500+ originated loans

Mortgage Vintage and CrowdTrustDeed’s 5 Foundational Principles continue to guide us:

  1. We believe discerning investors should have access to high yielding current income investments where the collateral is the real estate
  2. We believe a Trust Deed Portfolio is an excellent hedge against lofty Wall investments
  3. We continue to improve by testing, measuring and iterating on processes, products, pricing and business models
  4. We believe a relationship is about the life of the investment, beyond the initial transaction
  5. Quality is one of our core We strive to find properties, borrowers and scenarios that offer “make sense” loans.

These guiding principles coupled with experience, thorough processes, data and technology expenditures, data analysis, and tried-and-true business sense have provided a highly successful track record. We know and stick to our Origination Niche: Business purpose and non-owner-occupied loans for business owners, real estate investors, self-employed and other borrowers who may not qualify or fit into the conventional lending box. Equally, we understand our Niche for Lenders: Provide a transparent, well documented, compliant, secured, passive, monthly, high yielding current income investment.

To excel at these Niches, we have a rigorous approach as we strive to generate efficient hard money loans for our borrowers and reliable current income/cash flow for our Lenders. We are incredibly excited about all that 2018 has in store for Mortgage Vintage, CrowdTrustDeed and our borrower, broker and Lender communities. We look forward to bringing even more exclusive, highly vetted investments to our clients. We hope you will join us in your pursuit of building wealth through income.

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. Do you have any exciting plans for 2018? We would like to know. Please contact us at 949-632-6145 or on our website at or today.