How can you tidy up your workplace and home?

On a local Corona Del Mar Buck Gulley nature walk this last weekend, I encountered this breathtaking spring flowery hillside and a sign that said, “Habitat Restoration in Progress.”

A few days before this walk during a routine property visit in Riverside County, I noticed cars parked along the 15 Freeway and hundreds of nature enthusiasts hiking in the blooming rolling hills.   The prospective Borrower in the car with me mentioned that this was the “Super Bloom.”   This Spring the hillsides in Lake Elsinore are awash in a blaze of golden-orange poppies.  These brief startling encounters and the Sign awakened me from the rainy Winter doldrums and made me realize that Spring is in the air.  I realized I needed to kickstart my own Habitat Restoration across my business and personal life.


In her #1 New York Times bestselling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” Marie Kondo, who is a tidying expert, took tidying to a whole new level.  She teaches that you will experience “Joy” if you properly simplify and organize your home by keeping only belongings that “spark joy”.  Here are a few items that I plan to Tidy up and Restore this Spring:

Habitat Restoration at Work:

  • Discard unnecessary paper files, electronic files, newspapers, magazines, clutter
  • Clean out and organize desk drawers, briefcase, car, wallet and phone Apps
  • Refresh pictures in the office and hide the wires or go wireless
  • Learn something new like a computer program to increase productivity and simplify life
  • Remove any prospective loan files that are lingering aka “fish or cut bait”
  • Exude an “Attitude of Gratitude” around the Office
  • Refresh Loan Programs, marketing pieces, Google and Facebook Ads, Website
  • Trim and fertilize plants in the office
  • Upgrade a piece of equipment, computer or phone
  • Find a new Podcast for my workouts or commute
  • Read a Novel followed by a Business Improvement Book
  • Write a heartfelt Thank You email to a Borrower, Mortgage Broker and Lender

Habitat Restoration at Home:

  • Real engagement, listening and conversation with FriendsnFamily and people I meet
  • Clean out the closet by the standard; “If I touch it and love it, then keep it”
  • If you are a Buyer, it may be a rosy spring season for people who’ve been waiting for the right time to buy a home, according to First American Financial Corp. The company said that home affordability has improved, with a 4.06% Conventional Mortgage available again
  • If you are a Seller, consider lowering your price. Homes are now sitting on the market longer, and price cuts are becoming more common, which means sellers need to be more diligent in pricing than in previous years


Once you’ve looked at hundreds of things and asked yourself if they give you Joy, decision-making gets a lot easier: which book to read, which projects/loans to pursue, whether to say yes or no to the many loan scenarios, business opportunities and optional obligations that come our way.


If your Habitat needs restoring.  Go for it.  It feels great and will clear your mind.  If you have a loan requirement, and want a great experience, please contact us at 949-632-6145 or visit our website at or today.