Borrower and real estate investor sought a business purpose cash-out 1st TD on this non-owner occupied 4 plex property in Redding, CA in Shasta County.  Funds from our loan will be used to payoff an existing $83k 1st lien and for improvments to the property.

The subject property is a 4 plex with each unit consisting of 672 sf for a total of 2,688 sf.  Property is on a large 3.79 acre lot (165,092 sf).  Each unit is a 2 BR/1 BA and two units have a 1-car carport.  The subject is located in a rural neighborhood. The property is located just south of the Redding City center, West of the Sacramento River, in a more rural part of the city.  Total Rental income is $4,000/month.  Exit strategy from our loan is a conventional refinance.

What we like about this Trust Deed opportunity:

  • Non-owner Occupied Investment Property
  • 11.50% Annualized Return
  • 6 months Guaranteed Interest
  • 3 months Prepaid Interest
  • $4,000/month rental income

$114,950 1st TD @11.50% 55.00% LTV Cash-Out 4 Plex, $57,475 Min Inv, Redding, CA