Winston Churchill, one of the most famous Statesmen of all time who led England during World War II, once said “All Great Things are Made Simple”.  During the Wars darkest days, Churchill successfully motivated the British Empire to fight vigorously and courageously through his succinct messaging and prose.

Former Apple CEO and famous Entrepreneur Steve Jobs said, “Focus on Simplicity.  Simple can be harder than complex:  You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”   We all know about how the IPhone has changed the world through its powerful but simple interface.

Churchill and Jobs, arguably two of the most impactful leaders in the last 100 years, focused on keeping things simple.  Their focus on simplicity allowed the masses to understand and follow.  A Hard Money Lender and Trust Deed Investment provider should make finding a loan and earning a high yield simple.

These quotes are meaningful to me because I have always strived to make things more efficient and simple.  Challenging the status quo and truly understanding the needs and goals of the customer are requirements to making things simple.  I always think of the phrase “KISS” (Keep It Simple Silly) when I design or create a new system or workflow.  Whether working at IBM to help streamline mortgage operations at one of the Nation’s largest banks or at First American Corp. working to improve RESPA and Settlement Services processes, the software and service we developed worked to simplify the current complexity.

While the underlying lending process may be complicated and cumbersome, a quality Hard Money Lender will mask these intricacies and provide a simple process for both Borrower and Investor.  The beauty of a Hard Money Loan is that the loan is based primarily on the Equity in the property.  The agonizing root canal of a conventional loan is not required to acquire a private money loan.

A borrower should receive:

  • Fast underwriting decisions
  • Fast and comprehensive conditions to fund
  • Reliable commitments
  • Creative and compliant loan programs and documentation
  • Timely, personalized service

The subsequent Trust Deed Investments are equally simple, transparent and efficient.  Fractionalized Trust Deed Investments typically provide:

  • High yield returns in the 9% – 12% range
  • Smart passive income
  • Significant equity protection
  • Investment transparency with no hidden fees
  • Varying investment amounts starting at $25,000 for 1-5 years

Straightforward Loan Origination and Simple Investments.  Why not?  How have you enjoyed the benefits of simplicity in your life?