mv2 mv1Why is California the place you want to be?


Go West Young Man/Woman! Our Fathers, Settlers, Adventurers, Immigrants, acted on this battle cry and moved west to California. We all know about the weather, but why else do residents put up with California’s housing prices, taxes, traffic and liberal slant? Why do we choose to live here in the land of “fruits and nuts?” Is it the no bugs, no humidity, no wind element? Is it the beautiful people in great shape?

No, for me, I sum up “Why California” in the “Air and Attitude”. Residents here are not paying for the land, they are paying for the Air and Attitude. They pay for the air and the attitude so that they can live the California Dream.

My career moved me away from California for 8 years during the 90’s. I lived in east coast humidity that drenched your shirt in 10 seconds. I lived in cold where I could not get in the car because the door locks were frozen. I lived in places where the AC or Heater ran constantly and you could only leave the windows open for a week or 2 per year. I lived in places where the smog was so thick and traffic so bad that you could not take your car out on the road on certain days. I lived in places where you had to be in an enclosed Lanai to enjoy your patio or risk being eaten alive by mosquitos and flesh eating black flies. When I came back to the Golden State in 2000, I kissed the tarmac at SNA and came back to chase my own dreams with a new appreciation for everything California.

Moving and living here for the Air is understandable. The 70 degree drenched Rose Parade and Rose Bowl makes snow bound couch potatos salivate every Jan. 1st. We all remember Beach Boys famous songs about the surf and sun culture. But what about the Attitude? What makes California the land of opportunity? The California Attitude embodies adventure, risk, branching out, learning and a welcoming heart.

Californians exude a welcome spirit that reflects their own arrival and desire to assimilate. We or someone in our family got off their rear and moved here. We took a risk and followed a dream. The risk taking and willingness to try something new, combined with a welcoming and open to new friends attitude transcends across social, economic and technological bounds and is why companies like HP, Facebook, Google and Apple thrive in Silicon Valley. This can do attitude is one of the reasons California’s economy is ranked 8th in the world.

Hard Money Lenders foster and enable the California Dream every day with Construction and Rehab loans. Construction Loans help build houses, neighborhoods, schools and communities that new immigrants can enjoy. Builders take risks, work hard and create opportunity for others to move here, own a home and follow their own dream. Responsible Construction Lending facilitates the California Dream of the builder and the ultimate home owner.

Construction Loans during the 2008-12 economic downturn were few and far between. Homes were more expensive to build than buy. Now, through home price appreciation, in many cases builders can profit again from building and selling a new home. Hard Money Lenders can help foster the Air and Attitude California Dream and are an excellent tool for a builders construction financing.