stratgegyMy wife and I spring cleaned our house over the weekend and felt refreshed and invigorated.  Out with the old to make room for the new.  I cleaned my closets, storage areas, hard drives and double checked my wallet to eliminate any Credit Cards I don’t use.   I embraced Monday with a new fervor to stay current, relevant and well positioned.  Staying current in today’s hustle bustle world takes work.  Successful business’ need to listen, iterate, test, listen, iterate, test and continue repeating the process.  How does a business owner stay current and up to date?  Here are 8 ways that I use to Stay Current: 

  1. Listen to Clients: Clients give feedback on pricing, service and product demand.  Listening to clients tells me what the needs are in the marketplace that we can possibly satisfy with a product or service.
  2. Follow Industry Leaders: In private money lending the authority is our Trade Association called the California Mortgage Association (CMA).  The stories and insight that industry veterans provide shortens the learning curve and helps maintain compliance and effective strategy.
  3. Network in Person: Email and phone calls work but sometimes the best insight comes from a real-time conversation. Try to get out to Networking Events at least a few times per month.
  4. Ask Vendors: Good relationships with Vendors can impact your pricing and service levels while facilitating industry best practices.
  5. Technology Update: Staying up to date with handheld devices, computer hardware, systems and software will pay dividends.  Recently our company implemented e-signing capability that allows our clients to save time and expense while providing additional security.
  6. Sharpen the Saw: Keeping licenses current is mandatory.  Many webinars and other classes teach how to provide a better service and customer experience. 
  7. Social Media: Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Groups, Blogs or Twitter, these online tools provide fresh news, feedback and opportunities for business growth and improvement. 
  8. Listen to Podcasts: These are my favorite Podcasts below and their key benefits

8 ways to stay current

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Staying current helps us provide the best Hard Money Loans and Trust Deed Investments in the industry.    How do you stay current?  We would like to know.  Please submit a post on our Mortgage Vintage, Inc. Facebook Page or our LinkedIn Company page.  If you enjoy discussions like this, please sign up for our Linked in Group called Southern California Trust Deed Investment Group or visit our website at