xmasThe revelers sang “The 12 Days of Christmas” at our Holiday party the other night and our spirited late night rendition reminded me of the steps we need to take every day to get ready for Christmas Day.  As my son reminds me every morning of how many days are left until Christmas, I realize the many shopping, hanging lights, sending card items I still need to accomplish.  Instead of getting overwhelmed, I think about the 12 days of Christmas as a process and knock out tasks every day.  If I start on the first day, I can ultimately feel prepared when Santa arrives.  Just like the 12 Days of Christmas process, to get ahead, smart investors should leap into the 12 Steps of Trust Deed Investing.

The problem with Trust Deed investing today, whether a lender wants a single or a portfolio of Trust Deeds is that the buying and selling process is anchored in clandestine brochureware, phone calls and inaccurate email distribution lists.  The traditional yet archane Trust Deed Investing “call us to invest” process remains opaque, time consuming and inefficient.

The new paradigm of Trust Deed Investing with Mortgage Vintage’s CrowdTrustDeed Marketplace embraces a simplified online 12 step process.  To get the best yield and those 5 golden rings, Trust Deed Investors should capitalize on a new collaborative buying and selling Trust Deed marketplace.  Like the 10 Lords a Leaping, an Investor can quickly leap through the new online realtime TrustDeed Investment process at CrowdTrustDeed.   Trust Deed investors will earn more and save time, effort and risk while experiencing transparency, compliance and an enjoyable social experience.

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We hope you use the remaining days before Christmas to get your shopping done and register at www.crowdtrustdeed.com.  Those who register will enjoy the new online realtime process and will get the first look at new Trust Deed Opportunities that offer oversized smart passive income returns.    Please let me know with a post on our CrowdTrustDeed Facebook Pageor our LinkedIn Company page.  If you enjoy discussions like this, please sign up for ourCrowdTrustDeed Linked in Group.


Download 12 Days of Christmas and 12 Steps of Trust Deed Investing