Owner and Business Operator at 919 Sycamore St., Santa Ana CA purchased this property in Santa Ana to expand his business.  Owner used the cash out from his free and clear $400k valued – income producing property for the down payment on this $710k purchase of the adjacent property.  Both properties have a retail/commercial building in the front and a SFR and yard in the rear of the lot.  Both properties have rental income from the SFR’s on the properties.

Currently the owners of 919 S. Sycamore are a family with 5 hair stylists; 2 of which  have worked at the Sycamore St Salon for over 15 years.  Their successful hair salon also has a separate adjacent facility which offers Herbalife/Zumba and Karaoke services to local clientele.  The purchase of 1026-1026 S. Main St property will provide a new location to be used as a salon for the other 3 sisters who are stylists and have established clientele in the area.

Download Recent Transaction – $419,250 Business Purpose, Santa Ana CA