Investment Scenario: 788 credit score borrower and long-time business owner was seeking a business purpose 1st TD to purchase this industrial building in Fullerton, CA in Orange County.

The subject property was a 12,000 SF industrial building with 3 tenants – 100% occupancy.  The building was 12,000 SF.  Each unit offered an entrance from East Ash Ave., a rear entrance, 2 restrooms, a warehouse with metal roll up doors, a clear height of 16 feet, and were each built out with approx. 20% of interior office space. The Property was well located and  designed with adequate  considerations for utility and functional factors related to tenancy.

This loan was 60.00% LTV on the purchase price of $2.364M.  Loan structure featured 6 months Guaranteed Int. and 8.50% annualized return. Minimum investment was $141,840 or 10%.

Recently Funded Commercial Purchase Transaction: $1,18,400 1st TD @ 8.50%, 60.00% LTV, Purchase, NOO, 36 Month Term.