We live in the age of Search.  I’m amazed at how we can now Ask Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google for the weather, a joke, the game score, or an answer to an obscure question.  I am constantly amazed by the correct answers I get to obscure questions. As the behemoth in Search, Google also provides timely and informative feedback on what others are searching for.  What does Google say?  Google says that the most common Search queries by our borrowers are:

  1. Fix and Flip and Fix and Rent
  2. Hard Money Loans for Spanish Speakers
  3. Accessory Dwelling Units
  4. Business Purpose Cash Out

These 4 loan programs are the most widely sought after.  I’ll describe these loan programs in today’s Blog.

Fix and Flip and Fix and Rent Loans:

Wall St. and Hedge Funds provide an abundance of institutional capital into the Fix and Flip space.  We do not compete with these extremely high leverage Loan to Value offerings.  Mortgage Vintage’s boutique Fix and Flip short term loans provide a maximum of 80% of the purchase price and 80% of the Rehab amount.  Many Flippers like to work with us because we do not have rigid underwriting guidelines.  If the borrower has a “make sense” scenario, we will find the money through our proprietary, online, and fast acting CrowdTrustDeed Marketplace.  For instance, on occasion we have loaned higher than 80% Loan to Value when the value of the property exceeds the Purchase Price and the After Repair Value is at or below 65%.

Hard Money Loans for Spanish Speakers – Habla Español:

We, fortunately, live next to one of the nation’s largest Hispanic oriented cities.  Besides having great Tacos and Margarita’s, the proud city of Santa Ana has many private money loan opportunities.  Who could have known that my Spanish that I picked up when I lived in Mexico working for CB Comercial De Mexico for 3 years during the 1990’s would come in handy in my Private Money Lending career?  My fluency in Spanish proves to be valuable every day.  Spanish Speakers enjoy conversing in their native language and converse is what we do.  Those borrowers can express themselves with more clarity and precision and we can get a suitable and well-priced loan put together more quickly as a result.  Hispanic borrowers don’t always fit into a Bank’s credit box for W2 income, and our equity-based loans offer a perfect fit.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Loans:

Older housing on large lots in Santa Ana or other Southern California communities are great opportunities for Flippers or those real estate investors looking to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to the property.  ADU loans can be in 1st or 2nd position and can provide the required construction capital to build and complete the new unit. Whether the ADU is over the garage, adjoining the existing structure, or a separate new building, our short- term ADU loan program will provide the capital to construct.  Once completed, the new loan or loans can be paid off  with a new conventional loan and the borrower is not subject to a stiff prepayment penalty.

Business Purpose Cash-Out Loans:

Many self-employed borrowers can’t get suitable financing as they don’t report all their income.  This Business Purpose Cash Out Program on either owner occupied or non-owner-occupied properties delivers needed cash quickly to those borrowers that want to take advantage of a market opportunity.  These loans can fund many different types of business endeavors including but not limited to; An all-cash purchase of real estate, funds for working capital, money for an equipment purchase, or funds to manage Accounts Receivable and slow payers.


Next time, don’t ask Google, just come to www.mortgagevintage.com for your private money needs!