4d8c9898b5bb88437f053c8b957f47f3_LDo you know what happens when, during a real estate transaction, a person with money meets a person with experience?  The person with the experience ends up with the money and the person with the money ends up with the experience.  Ha!  Well, we all know experience matters.  Whether the person is an NFL Quarterback, Ryder Cup Player or Real Estate Investor or Lender, experience helps.  Since 2007 Mortgage Vintage, Inc. (MVI) focused on making fast and professional private money loans and Trust Deed Investments.  Today’s Blog highlights the metrics achieved since the Companies inception and how that experience coupled with technology, personal service and compliance make the best Hard Money Loans and Trust Deed Investments in Southern California.

Over $38 million loans funded.Experienced and real estate savvy Lenders line up to fund well underwritten, high yielding private money loans from Mortgage Vintage, Inc.
Over 200 total loans originated from $40k to $1.5 Million through 8 different loan programsWhile staying in the Hard Money niche, MVI funds many types of real estate investor and business purpose bridge loans.
Over $1.1 Million in Lender payments made in 2014Fractional interest ownership dissemination provided offline by the syndicator/originator
Over $23 million in monthly mortgage payments receivedMeeting borrowers and working with them to help them achieve their investment success is part of MVI’s core value proposition.
Total Real Estate Loans (REO) = 22 loans defaulted and the properties came back to MVI. Happy to report that all initial capital was returned along with 10.5% and 6.5% annual yields. We have applied new origination and underwriting criteria as a result of living through these REO experiences.
Total Delinquent Loans Today = 1Current portfolio performing well, which means underwriting criteria is working.
Low rate 8.99% and high rate 16.50%Whether Single Family, Multi-Family, small commercial, fix and flip or fix and rent, MVI offers well priced and attainable business purpose loan programs.
Servicing more than 70 loans and $17 million in unpaid principal balancesWorking with the largest servicer of Hard Money Loans in the country helps keep payments, distributions, payoffs and servicing compliance on track.

Through practical and empirical tests, MVI continues to offer an incredible service to both hard money borrowers and lenders who want to work with a trusted entity. Have you had an opportunity to work with Mortgage Vintage, Inc. where the Loan or Trust Deed happened compliantly, quickly and efficiently?  Please let me know with a post on our Mortgage Vintage, Inc. Facebook Page or our LinkedIn Company page.  If you enjoy discussions like this, please sign up for our Linked in Group called Southern California Trust Deed Investment Group.

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